Acharya Shri 108 VidyaSagar Ji Maharaj-1946

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Acharya Shri 108 VidyaSagar Ji Maharaj-1946
Honorific Prefix 108 Archarya Shri
Name (after Diksha) Vidyasagar Ji Maharaj
Image File:VidyaSagarJi Maharaj.jpg
Birth Name Vidyadhar
Birth Date 10-10-1946,Sharad Purnima,Ashwin Shukl Punam
Birth Place Chikodi,Sadlaga,Belgaon,Karnatak
Mother's Name Shrimati Shrimati Jain (Aaryika Samaymati Ji)
Father's Name Shri Mallapa Ji(Muni Shri 108 Mallisagar Ji)
Kshullak Diksha Date
Kshullak Diksha Place
Kshullak Diksha Guru
Ailak Diksha Date
Ailak Diksha Place
Ailak Diksha Guru
Muni Diksha Date 30 June 1968
Muni Diksha Place Ajmer
Muni Diksha Guru Aacharya Shri 108 Gyan Sagar Ji Maharaj
Acharya Pad Date 22-Nov-1972
Acharya Pad Pradata Aacharya Shri 108 Gyan Sagar Ji Maharaj
Acharya Pad Place Nashirabaad ,Rajasthan.
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Early Life

Vidyasagar was born as Vidyadhar on 10 October 1946 on Sharad Purnima (full moon) in Sadalga, Belgaum district, Karnataka. His father was Shri Mallappa (Mallinath), who later became Muni Mallisagar.[

On Religious Path

He was initiated as a Digambara monk at the age of 22 by Acharya Gyansagar, who belonged to the lineage of Acharya Shantisagar, at Ajmer in 1968. He was elevated to the Acharya status in 1972.

Works and Contribution

Acharya Vidyasagara is a scholar of Sanskrit and Prakrit and knows several languages such as Hindi and Kannada.Several researchers have studied his works for masters and doctoral degrees.[5] His works include Niranjana Shataka, Bhavana Shataka, Parishah Jaya Shataka, Suniti Shataka and Shramana Shataka. He also authored nealy 700 Haiku poems which are unpublished. He authored the Hindi epic poem Mukamati.This has been also included in the syllabus of MA Hindi in various institutions.This epic poem has also been translated into English by Mr. Lal Chandra Jain and was presented to President of India.

Acharya Vidyasagar has been a source of inspiration to the people for starting institutions for the welfare of living beings at different places.

Acharya Vidyasagar has been a source of inspiration for religious functions. He has initiated more than 125 monks,a number unmatched in the past nine centuries.

Acharya Vidyasagar has been a source of inspiration for the construction, development and renovation of Jain temples and images all over India.He has always inspired to invite scholars of eminence to have discourses on different subjects. He has also taken classes to teach his disciples different Jain texts. He is a strong supporter of cow protection movement.


He belongs to the tradition established by Acharya Shantisagar. Acharya Shantisagar initiated Acharya Virasagar, who was then succeeded by Acharya Shivsagar, Acharya Gyansagar and finally Acharya Vidyasagara. Two of his brothers, Muni Yogasagar and Muni Samaysagar also followed him and were initiated as muni (monks) by Acharya Vidyasagar. Some of his disciples are well known scholars of their own right. As of 2001, about 21% of all the Digambar monks were under Acharya Vidyasagara.


Sr.No Maharaji's Name Link
1 Munishree Samaysagar Ji
2 Munishree Yogsagar Ji
3 Munishree Niyamasagar Ji NiyamSagar_Ji_Maharaj-1957
4 Munishree Chetanasagar Ji
5 Munishree Omasagar Ji
6 Munishree Kshamaasagar Ji
7 Munishree Guptisagar Ji
8 Munishree Sanyamasagar Ji*
9 Munishree Sudhaasagar Ji
10 Munishree Samataasagar Ji
11 Munishree Svabhaavasagar Ji
12 Munishree Samaadhisagar Ji
13 Munishree Saralasagar Ji
14 Munishree Vairaagyasagar Ji*
15 Munishree Pramaanasagar Ji
16 Munishree Aarjavasagar Ji
17 Munishree Maardavasagar Ji
18 Munishree Pavitrasagar Ji
19 Munishree Uttamasagar Ji
20 Munishree Chinmayasagar Ji
21 Munishree Paavanasagar Ji
22 Munishree Sukhasagar Ji
23 Munishree Apoorvasagar Ji*
24 Munishree Prashaantasagar Ji
25 Munishree Nirvegasagar Ji
26 Munishree Vineetasagar Ji
27 Munishree Nirnayasagar Ji
28 Munishree Prabuddhasagar Ji
29 Munishree Pravachanasagar Ji*
30 Munishree Punyasagar Ji
31 Munishree Paayasagar Ji
32 Munishree Prasaadasagar Ji
33 Munishree Abhayasagar Ji
34 Munishree Akshayasagar Ji
35 Munishree PrashastasagaraJi
36 Munishree Puraanasagar Ji
37 Munishree Prayogasagar Ji
38 Munishree Prabodhasagar Ji
39 Munishree PranamyasagaraJi
40 Munishree Prabhaatasagar Ji
41 Munishree Chandrasagar Ji
42 Munishree RshabhasagaraJi
43 Munishree AjitasagaraJi
44 Munishree SambhavasagaraJi
45 Munishree Abhinandanasagar Ji
46 Munishree Sumatisagar Ji*
47 Munishree Padamasagar Ji
48 Munishree SupaarshvasagaraJi
49 Munishree Chandraprabhasagar Ji
50 Munishree Pushpadantasagar Ji
51 Munishree Sheetalasagar Ji
52 Munishree Shreyaansasagar Ji
53 Munishree Poojyasagar Ji
54 Munishree Vimalasagar Ji
55 Munishree Anantasagar Ji
56 Munishree Dharmasagar Ji
57 Munishree Shaantisagar Ji*
58 Munishree Kunthusagar Ji
59 Munishree Arahasagar Ji
60 Munishree Mallisagar Ji
61 Munishree Suvratasagar Ji
62 Munishree Namisagar Ji
63 Munishree Nemeesagar Ji
64 Munishree Paarshvasagar Ji
65 Munishree Veerasagar Ji
66 Munishree Ksheerasagar Ji
67 Munishree Dheerasagar Ji
68 Munishree Upashamasagar Ji
69 Munishree Prashamasagar Ji
70 Munishree Aagamasagar Ji
71 Munishree Mahaasagar Ji
72 Munishree Viraatasagar Ji
73 Munishree Vishaalasagar Ji
74 Munishree Shailasagar Ji
75 Munishree Achalasagar Ji
76 Munishree Puneetasagar Ji
77 Munishree Vairaagyasagar Ji
78 Munishree Avichalasagar Ji
79 Munishree Visadasagar Ji
80 Munishree Dhavalasagar Ji
81 Munishree Saumyasagar Ji
82 Munishree Anubhavasagar Ji
83 Munishree Durlabhasagar Ji
84 Munishree Vinamrasagar Ji
85 Munishree Atulasagar Ji
86 Munishree Bhaavasagar Ji
87 Munishree Aanandasagar Ji
88 Munishree Agamyasagar Ji
89 Munishree Sahajasagar Ji
90 Munishree Nisvaarthasagar Ji
91 Munishree Nirdoshasagar Ji
92 Munishree Nirlobhasagar Ji
93 Munishree Neerogasagar Ji
94 Munishree Nirmohasagar Ji
95 Munishree Nishpakshasagar Ji
96 Munishree Nishprhasagar Ji
97 Munishree Nishchalasagar Ji
98 Munishree Nishkampasagar Ji
99 Munishree Nishpandasagar Ji
100 Munishree Niraamayasagar Ji
101 Munishree Niraapadasagar Ji
102 Munishree Niraakulasagar Ji
103 Munishree Nirupamasagar Ji
104 Munishree Nishkaamasagar Ji
105 Munishree Nireehasagar Ji
106 Munishree Nisseemasagar Ji
107 Munishree Nirbheekasagar Ji
108 Munishree Neeraagasagar Ji
109 Munishree Neerajasagar Ji
110 Munishree Nikalankasagar Ji
111 Munishree Nirmadasagar Ji
112 Munishree Nirsagasagar Ji
113 Munishree Nisangasagar Ji
114 Munishree Sheetalasagar Ji
115 Munishree Shaashvatasagar Ji
116 Munishree Samarasasagar Ji
117 Munishree Shramanasagar Ji

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