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{{01 Muni Info Template
{{01 Muni Info Template
|Honorific Prefix=MuniShri 108
|Honorific Prefix=MuniShri 108
|Name (after Diksha)=ManikSagar Ji Maharaj
|Name (after Diksha)=Manik Sagar Ji Maharaj
|Image=File:MankiSagar Ji Maharaj2.jpg
|Image=File:Manki Sagar Ji Maharaj2.jpg

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Muni Shri 108 ManikSagar Ji Maharaj
Honorific Prefix MuniShri 108
Name (after Diksha) Manik Sagar Ji Maharaj
Image File:Manki Sagar Ji Maharaj2.jpg
Birth Name
Birth Date
Birth Place
Mother's Name
Father's Name
Kshullak Diksha Date
Kshullak Diksha Place
Kshullak Diksha Guru
Ailak Diksha Date
Ailak Diksha Place
Ailak Diksha Guru
Muni Diksha Date
Muni Diksha Place
Muni Diksha Guru
Acharya Pad Date
Acharya Pad Pradata
Acharya Pad Place
More Information 1
More Information 2