Acharya Shri 108 Subahusagar Ji Maharaj

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Acharya Shri 108 Subahusagar Ji Maharaj
Honorific Prefix Acharya 108
Name (after Diksha) Subahusagar
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Acharya Bhagwant 108, Subahusagar Ji Maharaj was born in a small village of Halga, in Karnataka. According to Karnataka tradition his birth name was Tavanappa. MOnther Janki has immense love towards her child Tavanappa. With the passage of time Tavanappa became young and intelligent. However from childhood he was inclined towards Jainism as per the habits and knowledge inculcated by his mother. Though Tavanappa had the opportunity to learn upto 4th Std, this never created any hindrance in his Jain studies. Tavanappa had four elder brothers but he never had any expectations from them, the family's was dependent on farming for their livelihood. In the tender age only Tavanappa decided to do away with food after evening i.e "Ratri Bhojan Tyag" and had also taken "Shudra Jal Tyag". Tavanappa took 7th 'Pratima' from Acharya Shri VimalSagarji Maharaj and Ksullak Diksha from Acharya ShantiSagarji Maharaj's lineage shri Acharya Shri Suparshsagarji Ji Maharaj in Auragabad on Ashad Sadi 13, 1-Jul-1958 and he was names Kshullak 105 Shri Bhutbali Ji Maharaj. After that your intrest increased in Jainism exponentially and in only 5 months later you requested for Muni Diksha. Looking at the dedication on Margashish Shukla , full moon, 26-Dec-1958 at KunthalGiri you were awarded with Muni Diksha and achieved the name of "Subahusagar Ji Maharaj" from Acharya SuparshSagarji Maharaj. Irrespective of not much academic education Acharya Subahusagarji Maharaj earned lot of knowledge in Jainism and was a scholar in Astrology. In 1980, after Ahemdabad chaturmas while traveling to South from Gujrat, you were present during in Shravan Belgola for Mahamastakabhishek of Bahubali Bhagwan. On Jan 12 1981 you earned the Achryapad On 4th Nov 2011 at 3 pm you took Sallekhna. Shri SuryaSagarji Maharaj, Sunandamati Mataji, Bramachari Indu Amma, present Kshullaki Sulochana mataji, Sunita didi were continuously taking care of you during Sallekhna.