Balacharya 108 Yogendra Sagar Ji 1961

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Balacharya 108 Yogendra Sagar Ji 1961
Honorific Prefix Munishri 108 Balacharya
Name (after Diksha) Yogendra Sagar Ji
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Birth Name Ramesh
Birth Date February 17, 1961
Birth Place Gwalior
Mother's Name Shrimati Damayanti Bai Sharma
Father's Name Pt.Fauldhal Prasad Sharma
Kshullak Diksha Date Sanmati Sagarji Maharaj
Kshullak Diksha Place
Kshullak Diksha Guru Acharya Sanmati Sagarji Maharaj
Ailak Diksha Date
Ailak Diksha Place
Ailak Diksha Guru
Muni Diksha Date 25th of February, 1979
Muni Diksha Place Bamore Kalan Shivpuri
Muni Diksha Guru
Acharya Pad Date 28th February 1986
Acharya Pad Pradata
Acharya Pad Place
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Initial Life

Param Pujya Gurudev Balacharya Yogendra Sagar Ji was born in the Brahmin family. Gurudev Balacharya Yogendra Sagar Ji’s childhood name was ‘Ramesh’. Bal Ramesh was born on February 17, 1961 to Pt. Fauldhal Prasad Sharma and (mohter) Shrimati Damayanti Bai Sharma in Gwalior. Balak Ramesh in his only 45 days of infancy had received the blessing of Vatsalya Ratnakar Paramapujya Acharya, Shri Vimal Sagar ji Maharaj. When Vimal Sagar ji Gurudev saw the baby Ramesh, with his divine knowledge, he told his father that your child will not stay at home for a long and will become a saint.

In this way, Ramesh's mind seemed less like a child. He heard the story of Satya Narayan, in the age of 8-9. Ramesh became a good story reader, and used to read the “Satya Narayan” story for 15 to 20 boys in his area. The story of Satya Narayan had brought a silent revolution in Ramesh's life. It created curiosity in his mind, gave him a thirst, after all, who is this God Narayana Satya? 

How to find him, Ramesh in his solitude immersed in the thought and began thinking of poverty, life and death and all aspects of material life started coming to his mind. Ramesh, as a child born with good rituals of the Brahmin family, started seeking the help of many saints, sages, monks and scholars which came in his contact in his early childhood to answer the inner quest. For the peace of mind, Ramesh started wandering to temple to the mosque, to the church etc. but he also did not got any satisfaction.

Meet with Acharya Sanmati Sagar Ji Maharaj

In the end, he got the honor of Param Pujya Sanmati Sagarji Maharaj It was done.His exploration was complete. The connoisseur of the master also identified the diamond in one sight. Both did not want to lose one another. 

Ramesh was not having any knowledge of the Jain elements, the Namokar Mantra was also not properly remembered by him. Stil he requested for Jin-Diksha. Finally, the wish of the disciple was fulfilled. Virag's victory took place on the Raga. On 25th of February, 1979, Acharya Sanmati Sagarji gave Ramesh the birth of Jnaneshwari in Bamore Kalan Shivpuri and now Ramaesh got the name Muni Shree 108 Rishabh Sagar. On the 28th February 1986, in the Kota, you were decorated with the title Balacharya, for your mercy compassion and vatsalya visas to everyone, from the soil of the earth, to the best of all creatures. And you became Balacharya Yogendra Sagar. After the initiation, you studied Jainadarshan. The essence of science, Puranas and elements was considered. You considered Swadiala as Prana Vai. By the initiation you have proved that Jainism is not of any denomination, it is such a There is a religion which can be used by people of other castes other than Jain. This religion can follow with the people till trials. With selfless selflessness and without any reason, 72 large statues were erected from the ground of the huge district of Sagwara, the historic city of Rajasthan, with the help of its very accomplishment. God himself was anointed by rain. As the statue came out, the rain increased. Those statues are still available for worship, devotion and worship. Balacharya Shri Yogendra Sagar Ji Acharya Shri Adisagar was a very influential disciple of Gurudev's great success.He had special knowledge of the Mantra system, he cured thousands of miserable people from with his very sadhana Acharya Shree's Dharma Impact was for Jain and non-Jain people. Their identity was in the form of Chandkhede Baba as Balacharya since after meeting anybody he first used to enchant Jaiho of Baba Chandkhedi

Conquering the disease

Balacharya Shri got a serious disease in his feet in the last days of Samadhi. The full heel of the feet, the pelvic pipe swollen with pus, had a severe pain in that time, but it was his harsh determination that he had suffered from that unbearable pain But he refused to utter words for any other treatment, and abandoned the whole diet, juice and attained Samadhi.

Thus, the Samadhi of Param Poojya Balacharya Shri Yogendra Sagar Ji took place at Sagwara on 18-03-2012 at 12:05.

  • On the 18th day of the GudiPadwa( Hindu New Year), the worship of Acharya Shri will be celebrated with the devotion of the Sagwara Yogendragiri shrine, in which all the devotees pray wholeheartedly.


This article is written by - Shah Modhak Jain Chittari and contributed by Rishabh Jain Jaipur

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