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Digambar Jain Wiki,Is a movement based on a fact that together we can achieve more! There are many Digambar Jain Muni Maharaji’s /Arika’s in India but their information is not found in a centralised system.

As the digital revolution grows up we felt a critical need to gather all the information of Jain Muni Maharaj’s to make it available at one single place, so that information is accessible to all. The benefits of such system are tremendous; the power of knowledge is the basis of Jainism. One would be able to know the names, locations, and details of Jain Muni’s and Arikya’s at one place.

Isn’t it a great dream!! These are not just now words but lamps of knowledge which can help light up the community. We request you to join this revolution. Be a part and start contributing. is a social venture backed by FletchSys Technologies, Pune. DigjainWiki logo has been designed by Rutul Sanghavi and Nishant Sanghavi with their creative ideas.