Looking forward to Submit info on DigJainWiki- We Welcome You

Here are detail documentation and videos to get started. 

1. Submitting Quick Info

Submit Quick Update

When to share quick update

Digjainwiki Share quick update

1.1 What are quick Upates?

  1. If you know information about Vihar or current Location. 

2. Any big event or occasion. 

1.2 Which Language Should i Update? 

You may update in Hindi or English. 

1.3 WIll my changes be directly visible on the site: 

After approval from DigjainWiki Team, they will be visible. 

2. Adding complete details

Don’t  Have time to Watch Video – Check this documentation here. 
Watch Video to learn 

The below document link will help one understand how to submit a content on DigJainWiki.org

This is a live Google Document Which we keep updating. 

Document Link. 

This will open document in a new tab

Coming Soon

3. Images : Sizes and extracting data from Images

How to add images

How to Extract Data from Images

Cover Image Size:  1349 * 474 px Download the Template here

Gallery Image: 532 * 300 px
Download the Template here 


Need a sample image to try this please find it here 

Coming Soon

Coming Soon

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